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ABOUT Little Chefs:

Chef Kelly founded Little Chefs in 2016 when her three children were very young as a way to encourage
healthy cooking and eating with her own family. Kelly has a passion for making food fun while teaching
essential life skills in the kitchen. There is no limit to the creative menus and techniques that Little Chefs
students can experience. Ke
lly found that children come to her classes excited to learn and experience
the joys of cooking and creating, and often leave with unforgettable memories and stories. 


Chef Kelly believes that children should have fun, make a mess, and get their hands dirty in the kitchen. The Little Chefs program focuses on teaching children of all ages and abilities the essential life skills of preparing and cooking foods with a focus on making healthy choices. Little Chefs caters to all abilities allergies and cultural preferences. We teach safety first in the kitchen, with a focus on handwashing, sanitization and cleaning. The class always begins with the three rules of Little Chefs:


1) Wash Hands,
2) Be Patient Because Everyone Gets a Turn                           to Participate
3) Try Everything Because Tastebuds Change


Little Chefs always sends the children with a sample of their finished products.


Thank you for your interest in Little Chefs


Cooking Skills Every Kid Should Learn by Age 10

Cooking with kids has loads of benefits that carry way beyond the kitchen. It helps builds self-esteem, teaches them the importance of following directions, and (hopefully!) puts them on the path to a lifetime of healthier eating habits.

February 02, 2018​

How Can I Safely Manage Allergens in the Kitchen?

When a member of the family becomes allergic to a certain food, the focus of the kitchen suddenly shifts from preparing delicious food to ensuring food safety.

November 7, 2016


The kitchen is a place to learn, grow, and build self-esteem. It is also a place filled with possible hazards, considering the sharp knives, hot pans, and other potential harmful tools. That is why it’s important to alter your cooking habits to keep your children safe from accidents.


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